Replica Hublot MP-02 Key of Time Review

The Hublot Masterpiece MP-02 Key of Time is a wristwatch that allows the user to control and control his own time through his mechanical structure. The watch is equipped with a crown that controls three different settings, allowing one to adjust the speed of smaller hours and minutes. Related Hublot replica watches.

Replica Hublot MP-02 Key of Time Review

The first setting: Carefully feel the operation of each second: Slow down the speed of the pointer, divide the time running speed by four, and make the one-hour time displayed on the MP-02 Key of Time as 1/4 hour (15 minutes) .

The second setting: Display real-time: Adjust the pointer of the watch to the normal operating speed, so that one hour is also displayed as one hour on the MP-02 Key of Time.

The third setting: Let the time go a bit faster: speed up the pointer, multiply the time speed by four, and let the hour appear on the MP-02 Key of Time as four hours.

Key of Time allows the wearer to adjust the speed of time at will, enjoy four times more happy time than others, or four times faster than others, or reply to the real time setting. The three displays on the faceplate in star shape show the current time and speed to avoid the confusion of the time gap. The owner can arbitrarily adjust the first or third setting of the crown, or reply to the second setting, and watch the corresponding adjustment of the pointer, which depends on the mechanical memory system set in the movement of the watch. In addition, the Key of Time watch also has a flying tourbillon frame with a second display on the edge of the frame.

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